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SpellForce 2 - Shadow Wars 1.10

SpellForce 2 Shadow Wars is developed by Phenomic Game Development
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Phenomic Game Development

SpellForce 2 Shadow Wars is a role play game developed by Phenomic Game Development.
Long after joining together all the races of the world, the old conflicts between the different beings who inhabit the planet, an evil force began to emerge. The dwarves, the Shaikans, the dark forces and the humans ended with their alliances and went from love to hate over the years.
A new force is coming up and it is a must to make again the old alliances to confront this danger. Everything starts with the attack of the dark forces to the Elves.
The major character is Nightsong, an elf whose father was killed by the dark forces. She has to prevent to all the races the danger that is coming. In her way, she found the Shaikans, humans with dragon blood who help her in her fight to the dark force. And with this partner the adventure begins.

In a fantasy environment with a spectacular display, your character is capable of : having different abilities as well as she completes a mission, also she is able to choose between weapons, powerful spells and items.

Graphics and sound.
As in the previous game, the designers have created excellent scenarios and very meticulously build them up. The sound effects are very good and the soundtrack is really amazing.

In conclusion, you will enjoy this game.

María Noel Balla
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